Triple Play Services


Using same internet connection, subscriber can use all these 3 services. They can also consume all channels that are available as part of cable TV, DTHusing Internet Data Pipe. Avail the voice calling through their phone. Triple Play servicesare conceivable when the bandwidth is very high, as both High Speed Internet and TV services (exceptionally HD Quality) are bandwidthhungry services. The system additionally ought to have low inertness which is required for the Voice Services.

Fiber to The Home

fiber to the home (FTTH), apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access.

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High Speed Fiber Internet

Fiber communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber.

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IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television which is used for delivering video and related services over the internet.

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Intercom & Telephony

Perfect for sales, marketing and support Explore how Intercom can help your organization delight customers at every touchpoint.

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Digital HD Cable TV (CTV)

Digital Transmission for crystal clear picture quality Large number of High Definition (HD) channel services.

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We started by building the nations largest Gig-speed network to deliver fast, reliable connections.

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Anonet benefits

Anonet Network Realize.

Anonet Network realize that when clients opt for a web, TV and home telephone pack, they are searching for a practical, low cost, minimal effort, and less maintenance bundled services. Remembering these significant points, we offer group bundles that join all the three administrations adequately. The upsides of these triple play bundleis that we can give better esteem and can offer clients the advantage of having a solitary bill for all the three requirements.